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After Pain & Misdiagnosis, Actress Sharon Stone, 64, Has Large Uterine Fibroid Tumor Removed– ‘Ladies, Don’t Get Blown Off By Doctors’

Ohio ER Doctor On Telling A Young Man That His Persistent Cough Is Cancer Not a Bad Cold– The Importance of Early Detection

After Beating Cancer & Losing Her Husband, Alaskan Bush People Matriarch Ami Brown, 59, Becoming Attached To Her Ranch Animals As Pets

Did You Know That Most Health Insurers Are Required To Pay For Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

A Young Mom Of Two Found A Lump While Breastfeeding And Thought It Was A ‘Blocked Milk Duct:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Paris Hilton, 41, Urges Her Followers To Take Care Of Themselves After Losing Her Grandmother To Cancer 20 Years Ago. If You Want To Be Your Own Health Advocate, Make Sure To Keep Up With Regular Cancer Screenings.

ABC’s Amy Robach, 49, Says Breast Cancer Saved Her Marriage– How She Advocates For Other Women & Stays Super Fit

Woman With Bad Stomach Pain Was Told ‘It’s In Your Head’ And Was Put On A Diet: After COUNTLESS Tests It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Man, 47, With A Lump On His Testicle Was Told By Doctor ‘Not To Worry:’ Then He Watched A YouTube Video And Realized He Had Cancer

The FDA Says Cancer Has Been Found In The Scar Tissue That Forms Around Breast Implants. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Steps To Take After Receiving Your Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Beloved Denver TV Weatherwoman, 57, Shows Off Her Scars, Warns Fans About Skin Cancer: ‘This Is How The Sun’s Rays Can Harm You’


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