7 Cancer Survivors Share How Gratitude, Faith, & Seeking the Good In Life Help Give Them Strength

Published Nov 26, 2020

Anne McCarthy

Survivors & Gratitude

  • 7 cancer survivors talk to SurvivorNet about what keeps them strong and positive.
  • Being grateful, giving back, seeing the good, and leaning on faith, have all been sources of support for these survivors.
  • Keeping a positive attitude through the cancer journey has been shown to make it easier.

This time of year, many of us are thinking about things for which to be grateful. And we know that even in moments of hardship, gratitude can have a profound effect on our outlook. Keeping a positive mindset through cancer treatment matters. SurvivorNet is grateful for these seven amazing cancer survivors, who shared with us where, and how, they find their strength.

Brooks relishes in the small things, especially beautiful moments in nature. “Live in the moment by listening to the sounds of nature – the rhythmic crash of the ocean waves, the crunch underfoot of a tree being beckoned by autumn, or merely the coo of a newborn baby. Our job is to be the witness to all the daily beauty in the world, large and small. Our job is to not only love fully, but to appreciate and notice the beauty that abounds and that requires living in the moment.

“Always Get a Second Opinion” San Diego Resident Lynn Brooks’ Survivor Story

Nancy Iverson is an Ovarian Cancer Survivor Who Calls Out Importance of Positivity

Nancy Iverson wants people to know that they have a choice in how they perceive what happens to them. “Everyone seeks happiness but sometimes in the course of life, we experience dismay, negativity, or deep sadness that can be overwhelming or all-consuming, if we allow it. How we embrace these experiences must come from within us. Maintaining positivity requires us to do some sorting and focusing on all of the positives of our life that bring us joy, hope and love from one to another.”

Diana Faison is an Ovarian Cancer Survivor from Charlotte

Diana Faison finds inspiration in the words of historical role models, like Helen Keller. She tells SurvivorNet,  “Helen Keller – who has always been an inspiration to me – as a child I read all her books, biographies, and multiple movies – said  this: ‘Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow.’ We all have one life on this earth.  It is full of disappointment, sorrow, and pain, yes. BUT, when you look for the good (and sometimes that is an all-out HUNT); when you look for the gift of the circumstance; or what could be on the other side of the rainstorm (perhaps a rainbow) then, and only then, will you find peace, happiness, and JOY.  It is a choice!”

‘Family, Friends & Faith’: Ovarian Cancer Survivor Diana Faison Keeps it Positive

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