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A Healthy Sex Life Is Possible Following Prostate Surgery

Dr. James Brooks Stanford Medicine

Yes, you can have a good sex life after prostate cancer treatment. And, yes, you should feel comfortable talking about it and asking for help.

A large percentage of men suffer from problems in the bedroom, or sexual side effects, as a result of radiation or surgery. Some men may have trouble getting hard, or maintaining an erection, while others can no longer have an erection at all. But there are ways men can get back to being sexually active, says Dr James Brooks, Chief of Urologic Oncology at Stanford Medicine.

There are several different medications on the market that work for prostate cancer survivors. We’ve all heard of Viagra and Cialis, as well as different devices including the Vacuum Erectile Device (VED).  A prosthesis is also an option.

“Prostate cancer can require couples to think more broadly about their intimacy,” says Dr. Brooks, who suggests men talk about with their urologist and perhaps seek counseling with a sex therapist.

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Dr. James Brooks is a urologic oncologist at Stanford Hospital & Clinics and an associate professor in the School of Medicine. Read More

Sex Life After Prostate Cancer

A healthy sex life is possible following prostate cancer treatment, but it’s important to understand that many men experience sexual side effects. In these cases, there are options available to help restore sexual function.