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Chemotherapy Before Colon Cancer Surgery

Dr. Paul Oberstein NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center

Your doctor may sometimes recommend that you undergo chemotherapy before you have surgery for your colon tumor. This is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy. It’s sometimes given if the tumor is very large or if there is metastatic disease outside of the colon. The ultimate goal of chemotherapy in both cases is to decrease the amount of cancer in the body to allow for all remaining tumor(s) to be removed through an operation.

If there is metastatic disease outside of the colon, then neoadjuvant therapy can target the cancer throughout the body. If there is a good response, then surgery may be recommended for both the primary tumor in the colon and the metastases.

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Dr. Paul Oberstein is a medical oncologist and Assistant Director of the Pancreatic Cancer Center at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center. Read More

Understanding Stage Four Colon Cancer

Stage four colon cancer means that the cancer has spread beyond the colon wall and to other organs. There is no one approach to treating this stage of the disease so we’ve asked several doctors to help navigate the options.

Treatment: Making Wise Surgery Decisions

There is plenty of marketing information out there about the best surgery techniques, and the best places to have your operation done. Doing your own research is crucial before committing to any treatment.


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Dr. Heather Yeo

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