Kathy Griffin, 61, Is Urged By Fans to Apologize to Johnny Depp, 58, After He Wins Lawsuit Against Amber Heard, 36: She Compares Herself To Walter White

Feisty Kathy, a cancer survivor, noted this week that she has the same kind of lung cancer as the drug lord character Walter White in "Breaking Bad"

Published Jun 8, 2022

Anne McCarthy

Griffin vs. Depp

  • Some fans are upset with comedian Kathy Griffin’s comments about Johnny Depp.
  • Griffin, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in 2021; she had surgery to treat her disease.
  • Griffin, who recently posted a fun video from a Sting concert, always finds a way to focus on the positives, which can help a cancer journey.

Lung cancer survivor Kathy Griffin, 61, has ruffled some feathers after her comments about Johnny Depp; but Griffin’s not dwelling on this.

She recently shared a fun video from a Sting concert and mused online how Walter White from Breaking Bad had the same kind of cancer as she did.

Griffin writes on Twitter, “So I’m watching Breaking Bad from the beginning for the first time. You guys never told me that Walter White had the same kind of lung cancer I did and he also had half of one of his lungs removed like I did. So I guess…turns out, I’M the danger.”

She’s not just catching up on classic TV shows, though, she’s also out and about enjoying her life, including a recent Sting concert! She writes to her fans on Instagram, “The Sting show was great. I’ve seen him several times over the years. Great performance!”

Johnny Depp & Kathy Griffin

Johnny Depp has been making headlines lately. Griffin, like many people around the U.S., was tuned into the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, which concluded last week. Depp sued his former wife for defamation. While appearing on  CNN political analyst Brian Karem’s “Just Ask the Question” podcast, Griffin said that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was an “orange, fat, bloated boozebag.”

She prefaced her candid thoughts with saying she is “friends with Amber Heard,” and added, “I completely believe her.”

Some people are calling on Kathy to apologize to Depp.

Kathy’s Lung Cancer Battle

Kathy Griffin was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021 and has been very public about her diagnosis and cancer battle. She’s a non-smoker and was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. A  stage 1 lung cancer diagnosis indicates that the cancer hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes or other organs in the body.

Symptoms of lung cancer typically include:

  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Constant coughing that becomes painful over time
  • Shortness of breath
  • Changes in voice or difficulty speaking without getting winded
  • Pain in the torso, mid- and upper-back, and shoulders
  • Discoloration or a sudden change in color of mucus and saliva

Griffin had surgery to treat her disease, which, as she shares, impacted her voice and her vocal chords. Lung cancer surgery impacts the body in various ways. It may cause fatigue, leaving the patient feeling weak and tired. There’s also the risk of infection after surgery. Signs of infection after lung cancer surgery can include: shivering, feeling nauseous, swelling or redness around the surgical wound, and fluctuating temperature. Speak with your doctor if you experience any of these things.

Breathlessness is also normal after lung cancer surgery. Long-term pain can present as well. A study published by the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery examined the risk factors of vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) following lung cancer surgery in patients. The study found that 86–100% of patients reported hoarseness after surgery following RLN paralysis (a nerve injury that has the potential to occur after surgery for lung cancer). And in 45% of the patients studied, hoarseness was the only symptom of VCD after lung surgery.

What Happens When You’ve Been Newly Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Seeking Fun After – and During – a Health Battle

We love how Kathy Griffin is living her life and having fun doing it! She’s enjoying herself at concerts, catching up on TV, and appearing on podcasts, all after beating lung cancer.

Focusing on hope, and maintaining a positive attitude through a cancer battle can help. Anecdotal evidence from SurvivorNet experts points to how a positive mindset can impact a cancer prognosis. One oncologist at Cedars-Sinai tells SurvivorNet in an earlier interview, “My patients who thrive, even with stage 4 cancer, from the time that they, about a month after they’re diagnosed, I kind of am pretty good at seeing who is going to be OK. Now doesn’t that mean I’m good at saying that the cancer won’t grow,” he says.

“But I’m pretty good at telling what kind of patient are going to still have this attitude and probably going to live the longest, even with bad, bad disease. And those are patients who, they have gratitude in life.”

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