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How to Choose a Surgeon – Does Volume Matter?

Dr. Jay Shah Stanford Medicine

When it comes to picking a surgeon, experience is obviously key. But Dr. Jay Shah, a urologic oncologist at Stanford Medicine, says you shouldn’t simply ask surgeons how many operations they’ve performed – because volume is not necessarily the best indicator of the right surgeon for you. On the other hand, you don’t want a surgeon who is inexperienced. Ultimately, Dr. Shah recommends going with your gut and choosing someone you feel you can trust.

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Dr. Jay Shah is a urologic oncologist specializing in the treatment of bladder cancer and other urologic cancers at the Stanford Cancer Center. Read More

Treatment: Watching and Waiting

Active surveillance for prostate cancer is a very specific protocol with requirements and guidelines. While this is not ideal for everyone, it may work for certain patients and spare them the side effects of treatment.


What is Active Surveillance?


The Benefits of Active Surveillance

Dr. James Brooks
Stanford Medicine

When Is Active Surveillance Not Enough?

Dr. David Wise
NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center