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Melanoma in Situ is Highly Treatable

Dr. Cecilia Larocca Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Melanoma in situ is a stage zero type of melanoma that’s commonly found on the top layer of sun-damaged skin. It is highly treatable with surgical removal and does not usually invade beyond the skin or spread to other organs.

There is also a cream available for melanoma in situ called Imiquimod. It can be used before surgery to help clear the melanoma so a smaller surgical area can be achieved, or it can be used after surgery to help clear any residual melanoma cells. Since it commonly occurs on the face, using Imiquimod will also help lessen any scarring.

Bottom line, this is still is a small trace of melanoma that should be addressed immediately. Additionally, you’ll want to take measures to reduce what may have sparked the condition, such as reducing your skin’s exposure to the sun or other UV rays, or by using a high-level SPF  sunscreen.

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Dr. Cecilia Larocca is a dermatologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Read More