Prostate Cancer

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What is Active Surveillance?

Active surveillance is a watch and wait approach for men who have low-risk prostate cancer, meaning you have a small number of cancer cells found in the biopsy, a low PSA, and a low-grade cancer.

With low-risk prostate cancer, your risk of cancer getting out of the prostate and spreading to other parts of the body is “really, really low,” explains Dr. Stephen Freedland, a urologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, “so anything we do is going to be overtreatment.” If you do opt for active surveillance, you’ll regularly need a PSA test, rectal exam, and high-quality imaging tests, which can identify minuscule yet important changes.

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Treatment: Watching and Waiting

Active surveillance for prostate cancer is a very specific protocol with requirements and guidelines. While this is not ideal for everyone, it may work for certain patients and spare them the side effects of treatment.


What is Active Surveillance?


The Benefits of Active Surveillance

Dr. James Brooks
Stanford Medicine

When Is Active Surveillance Not Enough?

Dr. David Wise
NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center