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Oral Medicine for Relapsed CLL: Venetoclax

CLL Venetoclax treatment could be a worthy new treatment for patients.

Venetoclax is an option for patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). It is a highly-potent drug that can kill CLL cells quickly. It is a Bcl-2 inhibitor–meaning it targets the Bcl-2 protein on CLL cells.

CLL Venetoclax treatment can be very successful in treating patients with relapsed CLL, but careful monitoring is necessary. One of the known side effects of Venetoclax is something called tumor lysis syndrome, which is when a tumor breaks open too quickly and releases toxins into the blood stream. This could be dangerous for the kidneys and the heart.

Dr. Matthew Davids, the Associate Director of the Center for CLL at the Dana-Farber Institute says patients taking Venetoclax will need to be assessed for their risk of developing tumor lysis, and patients at high risk may need to be hospitalized the first time the drug is administered.

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Treatment: Oral Medications

For patients diagnosed with CLL, the go-to treatment option is usually some form of chemo-immunotherapy. But this is not an option for all patients.


Oral Medicine for Relapsed CLL: Venetoclax


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Oral Medicine for Relapsed CLL

Dr. Matthew Davids
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute