Colon Cancer

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Stage Four Colon Cancer: “Not All Patients are the Same”

Dr. Daniel Labow Mount Sinai Health System

Stage four colon cancer means that the cancer has spread from the colon to other organs. The most common sites for colon cancer to metastasize to is the liver, lungs and peritoneum (the lining in your abdomen). Each case is very different, and therefore, the treatment options are different for each patient.

Chemotherapy, surgery or a combination of therapies may be recommended, but individual recommendations depend on where the metastases are located and how widespread the disease is. Some patients with limited metastases in only one organ may be recommended to undergo surgery, whereas chemotherapy may be indicated in patients who have many metastases or disease at different sites. 

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Understanding Stage Four Colon Cancer

Stage four colon cancer means that the cancer has spread beyond the colon wall and to other organs. There is no one approach to treating this stage of the disease so we’ve asked several doctors to help navigate the options.