Why I’d Choose a Clinical Trial For Myself

Dr. Ben Neel NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center

Clinical trials are incredibly important – both from an individual and a societal standpoint. These studies give patients, who have diseases that are not responding to typical treatments, access to a bevy of new drugs that are currently being developed by pharmaceutical companies. Testing these treatments on people in experimental trials is really the best way for research to progress.

A lot of the therapies being tested in clinical trials will fail. However, participants in clinical trials are statistically more likely to have better outcomes, according to the Director of NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center, Dr. Ben Neel. Among the large group of clinical trials that are currently underway, there will be some dramatic successes.

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Dr. Ben Neel is Director of the NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center and a Professor in the Department of Medicine. Read More