Doctors Told Mom, 54, for Years Her Constipation and Bloating Was IBS. But She Had Ovarian Cancer: Spotting the “Cancer That Whispers”

What You Need to Know About Gastric Cancer

Overview Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Overview Gastric cancer, also known as stomach cancer, is a type of cancer that develops within the stomach lining. This cancer can be aggressive and is often diagnosed in the late stages, making it more difficult to treat. According to the World Health Organization, gastric cancer is the fifth … Continued

What you need to know about tumor markers

Overview Types of Tumor Markers Uses of Tumor Markers Limitations Tumor Marker Tests Sources Overview A tumor marker is a substance found in the body that can be attributed to the presence of cancer. These markers can be present in the blood, urine, or body tissues of a patient. Tumor markers are produced by both … Continued


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