Get your SurvivorNet discount card and save up to 85% on prescriptions. It’s free!

We know it can be hard to afford all of your prescription drugs, so in collaboration with a number of partners, we’ve negotiated discounted rates with a national network of drug stores and retail outlets.

Using the SurvivorNet discount card, you’ll be able to access these deals at more than 35,000 stores, nationwide. There is no fine print. There is no catch. No pharmaceutical company has anything to do with enabling this program. We hope we can help. Start saving today.

Your insurance or Medicare plan’s co-pays may not be the lowest price. Show your SurvivorNet card to the pharmacist and ask them to run the card to see which price is lower. There are many discounts available which may get you a better deal than your insurance co-pay or Medicare prices.

Accepted at over 35,000 Pharmacies Nationwide.

Many people in the SurvivorNet community told us that they need help figuring out how to deal with the cost of their care and prescription drugs.

Regardless of whether your insurance is great, or you are struggling with Medicare, this discount program can be used by anyone. Simply put in the name of your drug and you can comparison shop to find the best prices.


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