Danielle Cinone

Danielle Cinone

Danielle Cinone is a writer at SurvivorNet.

Cancer Survivor and Mom of Four, Tudor Dixon, 45, Is Running For Governor Of Michigan: She’s Long Been Open About Her Breast Cancer Battle

Man, 27, Notices A ‘Skin Tag’ That Started Bleeding Down His Leg While He Was Getting Dressed: It Turned Out To Be Cancer And He’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive’

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Woman, 22, Finds Blood On Her Bra From Bleeding Nipple After Thinking She Was ‘Too Young For Cancer:’ Now She’s Opening Up On Instagram

Delaware Woman, 41, Fighting To Keep Her ‘Vulgar’ Personalized ‘FCANCER’ License Plate After It Was Deemed ‘Offensive In Nature’

Expecting Mom, 30, Thought Lump In Her Breast Was Pregnancy Symptom: It Turned Out To Be Cancer, And Her Baby Had To Be Delivered Prematurely

Teen, 15, With Vertigo And Constant Migraines Was Told By Doctors He Had ‘Long COVID:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

TV Anchor, 53, Opens Up About Her ‘Inverted Nipple’ And How It Lead To The ‘Huge Blow’ Of Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Singer, 30, Postpones Pap Smear To Go On Dream Vacation: Then She Was Diagnosed With Cancer And Now Can’t Have Baby

Pop Star Notices Strange Mark On Her Mom’s Forehead While Giving Her A Facial And Assumed It Was ‘Just Dry Skin:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Bride, 31, Visits Fertility Clinic With Big Baby Plans: She Ended Up Postponing Her Wedding When Blood Tests Revealed She Had Cancer

Mom, 41, With ‘Iron Stomach’ Was Sent To The Hospital By Her Doctor Who Suspected ‘Appendicitis:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer


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