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A Biopsy of Your Mole Doesn’t Mean You Have Melanoma

Dr. Cecilia Larocca Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

If your dermatologist requested to be a biopsy on your atypical mole, it may not necessarily mean anything serious. In fact, they’re pretty regular.

Dermatologists regularly do biopsies on suspicious skin areas, and it’s a quick way to confirm or rule out melanoma. According to Dr. Cecilia Larocca, a dermatologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, only about one out of every 12 biopsies turns out to be a melanoma.

If your mole went to the lab for a biopsy, the waiting period can be stressful. But rest assured that your mole most likely is not cancerous, and may not be anything serious.

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Dr. Cecilia Larocca is a dermatologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Read More