Shelby Black

Shelby Black

Shelby Black is a journalist and contributor to SurvivorNet. Follow her work at

7 Signs of Throat Cancer That Aren’t As Obvious as You’d Think; Knowing What to Look for Is Key

Relentless Throat Cancer Survivor Val Kilmer, 60, May Appear on “Willow” Sequel Series on Disney+; This Warrior Continues to Work After Surgery

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Quarantine Guideline Changes From CDC May Be Coming & Mayo Clinic to Share New Data About Value of Masks During COVID-19

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Do Chemicals Cause Breast Cancer? It’s Unknown, but Two Researchers Say That the Government Should Do More to Protect Women

Actress Nicole Kidman Cared For Mom With Breast Cancer as a Teen & Says That Experience Led Her to Love Helping Others

Princess Margaret Had Lung Biopsy in 1985 to Check For Cancer After Smoking Heavily For Years; It’s Important to Be Proactive

Golfer John Daly Had Surgery for Bladder Cancer Right Away to Ensure He Was OK for Father/Son Tournament

Living With Cancer, Fear of COVID-19, & the Holiday Season Can Increase Stress Levels Which Can Impact Treatment

Actor Michael Douglas Beat Oral Cancer 9 Years Ago; He’s Now Celebrating Huge Milestone of 20-Year Wedding Anniversary

Heading Into 3rd Spinal Surgery, ‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Says Being In Public Eye Is Like ‘Putting Your Heart on a Platter & Someone Stabbing It With a Fork Over & Over Again’


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