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After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Here’s How to Talk To Your Urologist

A Scary Time For GMA’s Lara Spencer, 54, Coping With Her Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis: ‘You Picked The Wrong Girl, Cancer. Love You Mom. You Got This’

23-Year-Old Woman’s Jaw Cancer Pain Dismissed As Pregnancy Symptoms– How To Advocate For Yourself

Famous TV Host, Mom, 53, Says Doctors Missed Her Breast Cancer Three Times— Do You Have Dense Breasts? Important Screening Guidelines

‘Captain Kirk’ William Shatner, 92, Was Once Mistakenly Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer. New Study Suggests Misdiagnoses Occur Often, How to Advocate for Yourself

Country Music Singer Toby Keith’s Advice To Songwriters Amid Stomach Cancer Battle: ‘You’ve Gotta Have Practice, Keep Your Chops Up, & Stay In The Middle In The Game’

Grief So Young, Pro Golfer Jason Day, 36, Lost Both Parents To Cancer– Moving Through Grief as a Top Ten Golfer


“Love, Your Weird Mom’ – Katie Couric’s Message on Daughter’s Birthday; Acknowledging the Milestones

‘Don’t Push Things Off, Life Is For Living’: Mom of Three Diagnosed With Rare Type Of Blood Cancer After Symptoms Dismissed As Menopause — The Importance of Second Opinions & Being Your Own Advocate

Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres, 56, Says ‘Psoriasis Doesn’t Have To Hold You Back’– Being Comfortable In Her Own Skin

North Carolina Girl Experiences “Excruciating Headache” in Ballet Class, Then Paralysis— Now She’s a Published Author & Powerful Advocate For The Disabled


“Life-Changing Advice”– ‘Today Show’ Host Hoda Kotb, 58, Says a Stranger Told Her ‘Don’t Hog Your Cancer’


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