Multiple Myeloma

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SurvivorNet Wants to Help You Understand Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Nina Shah UCSF Medical Center

SurvivorNet wants to help you understand multiple myeloma. So we have travelled around the country interviewing some of the most respected clinicians and researchers in multiple myeloma. Our goal is to help you understand this disease and explain options.

At SurvivorNet, we work with top multiple myeloma specialists and expert physicians to bring you need-to-know information about cancer. These doctors help to dispel myths, explain what a diagnosis of cancer means and provide an overview of treatment options.

All of our material is created in collaboration with experts and is reviewed by other leading clinicians in the same field to make sure it is accurate. This concept of rigorous “peer review” – colleagues checking one another’s work – is central to any legitimate medical research. We think health media ought to work that way too.

Where there is debate among doctors, we point it out. When doctors don’t have answers, we say that. Our experts also think it’s crucial that patients understand when there may be a financial component involved in the recommendation of one treatment course over another.

Additionally, SurvivorNet aims to provide information on the latest research that could actually play into your care. We specifically weed out the confusing headline du jour with a surprising claim from “a new study” that, when you actually examine it, turns out to be based on research still being done in mice or in small numbers of people.

Dr. Nina Shah, a multiple myeloma specialist from UCSF and an advisor to SurvivorNet says, “We want to bring the experts to you, to give you information that’s vetted, that’s tested, that has clinical experience behind it, and even has an opinion so that you can understand what you may expect during this journey.”

The goal is to put information from oncologists with a variety of backgrounds into one place, to help you understand and make smart decisions when it comes to your treatment and your future.

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Dr. Nina Shah is a hematologist who specializes in the treatment of multiple myeloma, a type of cancer affecting the blood marrow. She treats patients at the Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinic. Read More

Introduction to Multiple Myeloma

SurvivorNet has assembled some of the country’s leading experts to help you understand multiple myeloma and make decisions about your care.