Like So Many Others, Dog and Beth Are in the Fight of Their Lives: The Cancer Has Returned

There are more than 15 million cancer survivors in the country. For many of us, there is a simple, terrible worry … will it come back? “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Beth Chapman is undergoing surgery for recurrent throat cancer. Chapman and her husband Duane (Dog) Chapman confirmed her initial stage 2 throat cancer diagnosis in September 2017. She had surgery, and was declared cancer-free at that time.

But it appears the cancer has returned, with multiple sources saying Chapman was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday morning after having difficulty breathing. The family attorney released a statement saying that 51-year-old Chapman’s cancer had returned and she was once again undergoing surgery to remove it.

“I can confirm that she was hospitalized today, had surgery to remove a mass in her throat, which was determined to be cancerous. I understand that the situation is very serious. We are all concerned for her and the well-being of the family,” attorney Andrew Brettler said in a statement to E! News on Tuesday.

Chapman was very open about her experience with cancer after her initial diagnosis. She and her husband documented her fight in an A&E special called “Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives.” She also regularly updated fans about her struggle with the disease on social media.

Earlier this year, in a New Year’s Day post, she shared a photo of the scars on her neck with the caption, “Embracing the unembracable … Prior to my surgery I had no lines no wrinkles a perfect neck if you will. It has been very hard to look at this in the mirror, it serves as a constant reminder of something I’d love to forget. However some life lessons you should never forget only learn from them.”

Throat cancer is a general term, but approximately half of all throat cancers are found in the larynx and pharynx. According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, a large number of throat cancers are caused by smoking and drinking alcohol. However, the number of new cases of smoking-related throat cancers is on a decline. Throat cancer can also be caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Patients with HPV-related throat cancer tend to have a better outlook than those with smoking-related cancers.

It’s unclear what stage Chapman’s throat cancer is at now that it’s returned. And no member of the family has commented yet on the reality star’s condition. TMZ reports that Dog is by Beth’s side in the hospital, and more family is on the way.

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