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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From Skin Cancer

TV Star and Businesswoman, 63, Notices ‘Weird Pimple’ While Having Makeup Applied In Studio Dressing Room: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Mom, 59, Discovered Strange Lump On Her Thigh During Lockdown And Thought It Was A Cyst: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

‘I Looked Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie!’ Mom, 65, Describes Her Disfiguring Cancer Surgery That Inspired Her To Become A Comedian

Pop Star Notices Strange Mark On Her Mom’s Forehead While Giving Her A Facial And Assumed It Was ‘Just Dry Skin:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Banana Boat Sunscreen Leads to Recall; How to Select the Right Sunscreen for Your Skin

Bachelorette Star Ali Fedotowsky, 37, Used To ‘Bake In Tanning Beds:’ Then She Noticed A Small Tummy Spot Which Turned Out To Be Cancer

Teacher Spotted ‘Large Bleeding Freckle’ On The Back Of Her Leg But Waited YEARS Until It Became ‘Black, Bumpy And Itchy’ Before She Went To A Doctor: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Woman Who’s Had Skin Cancer FIVE TIMES Warns That ‘The Only Safe Tan Is A Spray Tan!’

Emmy Award-Winning Denver Meteorologist Kathy Sabine, 57, Shows Off Scarred Nose, Says Skin Cancer Is ‘Painful And Scary’

Beloved Denver Meteorologist Kathy Sabine, 57, Shows Off Her Healing Nose After Skin Cancer Surgery As Loyal Fans Cheer Her On

‘Fresh’ Says A Clean-Cut Hugh Jackman, 53, Who Has Survived Skin Cancer MULTIPLE Times; The Actor is Thriving After Cancer


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