Breast Cancer

Sandra Lee Gives Intimate Look Into Her Breast Cancer Battle in New Documentary

Published Oct 5, 2018

Rarely has a famous person allowed the world an up-close view of her decision making process after being diagnosed with breast cancer. SurvivorNet attended the premeire of HBO’s new documentary with celebrity chef Sandra Lee, “RX: Early Detection – A Cancer Journey With Sandra Lee.” Lee, who is also the longtime partner of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is seen soliciting information from some of the top doctors in the country in order to make her decision about treatment, and ultimately whether to have her breasts removed.

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Lee decided to remove her breasts. Many women, of course, make different decisions. What’s remarkable about this film is a very personal view of this process. As we live in a world where it’s hard to escape politics, people who look out for these things will also notice the very prominent and warm role Gov. Cuomo plays. We’re not going to go there. We think any awareness is good awareness, especially when it comes to disease.

What is also really important to note is that after her surgery in the film, Lee had very significant complications as a result of the procedure. These sorts of complications from breast cancer surgery are often overlooked in the conversation about how much progress there has been in breast cancer treatment. There has been enormous progress … but complications still happen.

The documentary premieres on Oct. 8 at 8 p.m.

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