Kavontae Smalls

Kavontae Smalls

Kavontae Smalls is a writer and reporter for SurvivorNet.

Mental Health

Dramatic Transformation: How Jonah Hill, 39, Prioritized His Mental Health to Lose So Much Weight

Mom, 43, Was ‘Addicted to Sunbeds’ – Then She Found a Strange Lump on Her Forehead. It Was Skin Cancer.

‘Devastating’: Fit 29-Year-Old Suddenly Became Very Tired. It Was Stage 4 Cancer.

Florida Teacher, 25, Thought Weight Loss Was God Answering Her Prayers – But It Was Stage 4 Cancer

Woman, 32, Thought She Had a Bruised Nail. But It Was Rare Skin Cancer: ‘Nail Technician Possibly Saved My Life’

Living With Cancer

Incredible Comeback: How Does a Professional Athlete, 34, Make It Back From Stage 4 Cancer In Just a Few Months

Mental Health

‘Come to My Window’ Almost Never Happened: Singer Melissa Etheridge, 61, Share Personal Inspiration Behind Hit Song

Cancer Drug Shortage: Variations Exist in Supply for Mainstay Chemotherapies Like Carboplatin and Cisplatin, Patients at Large Centers Still Getting the Care They Need

‘Real Housewives’ Star Bershan Shaw, 49, Isn’t the Only One in Her Family to Survive Cancer – Caring for a Loved One After a Health Setback

‘Still Fighting’ Brave Brain Cancer Battle, Singer Johnny Ruffo Thanks Mom for Being by His Side: ‘Sometimes I Take for Granted the Things You Do’

How Is Gymnast Simone Biles, 26, Doing After Stepping Back From Competition to Care for Her Mental Health?


38-Year-Old Woman’s Stomach Pains Misdiagnosed for Years Until Tests Finally Revealed Stage 4 Cancer – How She Created Community on Social Media


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