Kavontae Smalls

Kavontae Smalls

Kavontae Smalls is a writer and reporter for SurvivorNet.

Eagle-Eyed Nurse Spots 4-Year-Old Boy’s Brain Tumor Symptoms Doctors Missed: ‘She Saved His Life,’ Parents Say

Kansas Parents Thought 3-Year-Old With Red Cheeks Was ‘Daycare Sick’ – It Was Leukemia: What to Know About Childhood Cancer

Aerobics Instructor Thought She Pulled a Muscle, But Scans Showed Shocking Truth: ‘Skull Looked Like Swiss Cheese From the Holes’ Due to Blood Cancer

Doctors Dimiss Seattle Woman’s Stomach Issues as ‘Food Allergies’, But Her Colon Was Filled With Pre-cancerous Growths – How a Second Opinion Helped Her Get Proper Diagnosis

WWE Star Alexa Bliss, 31, Has Skin Cancer Removed From Face, Blames Tanning Beds – What to Know About the Dangerous Link

28-Year-Old Mom’s Knee Surgery Leads to Shocking Colon Cancer Diagnosis – Disease Impacting People at Younger Ages

Concerned Mom, 29, Dismissed With Anxiety Meds When Her Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying, But He Had a Brain Tumor: How She Knew Something Was Terribly Wrong

‘Veep’ Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Just Got a Special Honor for Her Trailblazing Career — 4 Years After Beating Breast Cancer

Sharon Osbourne’s Plea: Help Nine-Year-Old Son of Marvel Actor Fighting Brain Cancer

Actor Marcia Cross Beat Anal Cancer, Farrah Fawcett Was Taken– Working To Remove The Stigma Of Cancer And The Anus

Deeply Concerned Mom Begs Dismissive Doctors to Take Son’s Pain Symptoms Seriously, He Ended Up with Cancer – The Power of Advocating for Your Health

Doctors Blame Mom’s Pain on Job and 3 Kids, But It Was Blood Cancer – Knowing the Warning Signs of Multiple Myeloma


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