Sydney Schaefer

Sydney Schaefer


SurvivorNet writer

‘I Just Thought I Was Getting Fat:’ Woman, 26, Dismissed ‘Bloating’ As Due To Her College Lifestyle: It Was Cancer

Worried Woman, 29, Repeatedly Had Her Strange Systems Dismissed By Doctors As ‘Anxiety:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Netflix ‘Get Organized’ Star Clea Shearer, 40, To Begin Chemotherapy: ‘This Week’s Going To Be A Heavy One!’

Brave Ohio Mom, 34, Is Fighting Breast Cancer Again, But This Time SHE’S PREGNANT

Parents Thought 6-Year-Old Son’s ‘Sore Knee’ Was From Soccer: He Lost His Leg When It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Toddler’s Dizzy Spells And Headaches Were Dismissed By Doctors As ‘Attention-Seeking Behavior’: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

As Her Fundraising Campaign Surpasses $4.5 Million, BBC Star Deborah James, 40, Receives Global Acclaim For Her Brave Cancer Battle

‘I’m Living It Up!’ Netflix ‘Get Organized’ Star Clea Shearer, 40, Flies To Miranda Lambert Concert With Her Family Before Beginning Chemo

10 Years Cancer-Free! Emily Whitehead, Now 17, the First Child Cancer Patient to Receive Revolutionary CAR T-Cell Therapy, Celebrates Major Milestone

‘I Have Very Pale Skin And Am VERY Worried About Deadly Melanoma: How Often Should I Be Screened?’

‘Feeling Blessed!’ Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater & Testicular Cancer Survivor Scott Hamilton, 63, Completes 444-Mile Bike Ride for Cancer Research

Tennis Star Chris Evert, 67, Is ‘Determined’ To See Fellow Cancer Warrior Dick Vitale, 82, Despite Her Own Chemo Treatments


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