Sydney Schaefer

Sydney Schaefer


SurvivorNet writer

Can Looking At Your Phone When You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night Cause Cancer? Serious Risk… Or Myth?

Extremely Tired Mom Of Four, 54, Was Dismissed By Doctors As ‘A Hypochondriac:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Mom, 49, Who NEVER Sat Out In The Sun Had Surgery Which Left Her Face ‘A Complete Mess:’ Her Urgent Cancer Warning

‘It Feels a Lot Like Pregnancy!’ Netflix ‘Get Organized’ Star Clea Shearer, 40, Describes ‘Extreme Nausea, Weird Body Aches And Out Of Body Experience’ From Her Second Round Of Chemo

Barista, 24, Tries To Pop Lump On Her Chest She Thought Was ‘A Pimple:’ It Turned Out To Be Breast Cancer

FOX Anchor Lindy Thackston, 41, Posts Shocking Video Of Her Scarred Belly As She Celebrates Beating Cancer

Valerie Bertinelli, 62, Slams New ‘Autopsy’ Show About The Cancer Death Of Her Former Husband Eddie Van Halen, 65; His Son Wolf, 31, Joins The Chorus Of Denunciation

‘Dune’ And ‘Sopranos’ Star Alicia Witt, 46, Reveals Her Private Breast Cancer Battle Just Months After Her Parents’ Mysterious Hypothermia Deaths

Woman, 24, With Bloody Poop Was Told By Repeatedly By Doctors ‘You’re Too Young For Cancer:’ They Were Wrong

Young Woman, 24, Thought She Just Had ‘Tonsillitis’ And Was Prescribed Antibiotics: She Was SHOCKED When It Turned Out To Be Blood Cancer

Florida Dad, 44, And Daughter, 3, Both Diagnosed With Cancer (And Beat the Odds) In the Same Year!

‘Halloween’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis, 63, Joyfully Officiates At Cosplay Wedding Of Her Trans Daughter Ruby, 26; Brides Dress As Video Game Characters


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