Sydney Schaefer

Sydney Schaefer


SurvivorNet writer

Brave CNN Star Christiane Amanpour, 64, Is Back Reporting From War Torn Afghanistan Just MONTHS After Finishing Chemo For Ovarian Cancer

Dermatologist Was So Obsessed With Tanning Beds She Had TWO MEMBERSHIPS To Get Around Salon’s Daily Limits: Then She Got Cancer

Promising Gymnast, 12, Told She Just Had ‘Growing Pains or COVID:’ It Turned Out To Be Cancer

‘I Shed a Few Tears:’ Netflix ‘Get Organized’ Star Clea Shearer, 40, Bravely Shaves Her Head After Beginning Chemo For Breast Cancer

‘I Was Shocked!’ Woman Horrified To Find Out BY E-MAIL She Has Cancer While Standing In A Gas Station Parking Lot

New Mom, 32, Diagnosed With Obscure Cancer So Rare Her Nurses Have To Google It Constantly For More Info

Netflix ‘Get Organized’ Star Clea Shearer, 40, Posts Revealing Photo Of ‘Red Devil’ Chemo Treatment: Sleepless Mom Admits To ‘One Big Tantrum’

Busy Mom Of 2, 30, Thought She Was Just Tired From Playing With Her Kids: It Turned Out She Had Cancer

‘Super Healthy’ Hot Yoga Fan, 30, Thought His Hoarse Voice And Back Pain Were From COVID: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Dad, 29, With ‘Swollen Face’ Was Told By Doctors He Had A Sinus Infection And Prescribed Nasal Spray: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Physical Therapist To The Stars, 43, Spent Years Caring for Others Like The Williams Sisters: Now She Gets Their Love And Support As She Fights Cancer

Thankful Model, 26, Bravely Shows Off Surgery Scars After ‘A Small Freckle’ Turned Out To Be Cancer: Spotting It Early Saved Her Life


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