close the gapSee highlights from our Close The Gap event to raise awareness for the huge disparities that exist for minorities when it comes to cancer care.We partner with NYU Langone and the Perlmutter Cancer Center, along with top doctors, survivors, and cancer community executives to enlighten, challenge, and educate. As we close the gap together, we will lift each other up. 

Cancer in the News - Keep Up With the Progress


The Holiday Season Can Create Challenges for Cancer Patients. Here's How to Navigate the Frenzy

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Ovarian Cancer: Is There a Greater Risk?

FDA Recalls Old Spice, Secret Deodorants Due To Cancer-Causing Benzene

If You're Worried About Breast Cancer, Take It Slow at Your Boozy Holiday Gatherings

‘It’s a Person’s Preference’: Why Some People Share Their Cancer Battles, and Why Others Keep it Quiet

A Cancer Warrior Takes to Reddit to Share How Her Relationship Has Suffered Since Her Diagnosis

Don't Forget Your Flu Shot!


Many Women Say They're Drinking More During Pandemic, 70% Don't Know Alcohol Increases Cancer Risk, According to SurvivorNet Survey

Tremendous Concern Inside Cancer Centers; A Top Doctor Says She's Very Worried About the Rise in COVID Cases in the Next Few Weeks

COVID-19 Could Last Two Months in Some Patients

'Scandal's' Scott Foley Tells SuvivorNet That He's Not Sure His Family Ever "Fully Recovered" From Losing His Mom to Ovarian Cancer; He Was Just 15

Cancer Rates Grew By 30% in Teens & Young Adults Over Last 40 Years; Researchers Call for More Focus On This Demographic

Radio Host Dan Bongino Tells SurvivorNet His First Call After Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis Was to Mom: "I Just Kind of Broke Down"

A COVID-19 Vaccine May Be on the Way: What Those With Cancer Need to Know

Arthritis Might Predict Cancer Progression For People on Certain Treatments

What Is Dexamethasone? The Common Cancer Treatment Is Proving Beneficial for COVID-19 Patients

Shelby Black

If You Have Cancer It's More Important Than Ever to Get Flu Shot Amid COVID-19

Women are Less Likely Than Men to Discuss Sexual Dysfunction After Cancer Treatment


Colon Cancer Screening is Extremely Important; Guidelines Now Say to Start at Age 45 if There Is No Family History

Blood Tests for Early Cancer Detection—Will the New Multi-Billion Dollar Deals Actually Help Save Lives?

What Is a Monoclonal Antibody? Already a Cancer Treatment, Trump Got it for COVID-19

Later Stage

Blood Test Could Help Choose Melanoma Treatment


1 Important Question Every Prostate Cancer Patient Getting Radiation Should Ask Their Doctor

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New Drug Extends Life in Most Aggressive Breast Cancer

As Women Age, Many Still Want Sex According to New Study—For Cancer Survivors Sexuality Can Be Affirming


In Certain Types of Lung Cancer, Targeted Drug Tagrisso Slashed Recurrence Rates, New Study Says

With Wildfires Raging Across the West Coast a Leading Expert Tells Us How Cancer Patients Can Stay Safe

Brave TV Reporter Kristen Dahlgren Went On-Air From Princess Wig to Buzz Cut During Breast Cancer Battle


30% of Women Say They Have Delayed Mammograms Due to COVID-19, 45% Tell SurvivorNet They’re Now More Nervous About Going to the Doctor

People With Blood Cancer Are More Vulnerable to COVID-19

The 'Right to Try' Act Explained: Cancer Survivor at the RNC Says She’s Alive Thanks to It


Colitis and Some Cases of Crohn's Raise Colon Cancer Risk


Susan G. Komen Founder Nancy Brinker Talks to SurvivorNet About Latest Passion: Cancer Screenings & Treatment for Uninsured Women

Should People With Tattoos Worry More About Skin Cancer Risk? A Leading Expert Breaks It Down For Us

FDA Reports an Increase in Breast Implant-Related Cancer Diagnoses & Deaths Since Last Year

High-Cost Parking at Hospitals Is Pain-Point for Cancer Patients Already Dealing With So Much

Veterans at High Risk for Lung Cancer Are Finally Getting the Support They Deserve

Anti-Vaxxers Spread Misinformation, Thwarting Cancer Prevention Made Possible by HPV Vaccine

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Don't Delay Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment Because of COVID-19

"Intriguing" New Study Suggests Blood Pressure Medication Could Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

Immunotherapy Drug Keytruda Approved For Colon Cancer Patients With Specific Tumor Abnormalities

No Conclusive Evidence Baby Powder Causes Cancer, Yet Johnson & Johnson Hit With Another $2 Billion Verdict

Will COVID-19 Actually Lead To More Skin Cancers? Experts Suspect That More Time Inside Increases Risk

After Losing a Child to Cancer, the McDowell Family is Creating an Attraction to Fund Research - Why Are Some Neighbors Upset?

You've Seen the Commercials Claiming Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Causes Cancer - Is There Science to Back it Up?

Higher Fiber Intake Linked to an 8% Lower Risk of Breast Cancer, New Research Shows

5 Things Women Can Do to Reduce Cancer Risk


Breastfeeding Can Reduce the Risk of the Deadliest Type of Ovarian Cancer, New Research Shows

Dramatic Improvement in Melanoma Survival Rates-- The Treatment Revolution is Working

An Invisible Gas, Radon, Is the Second-Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in the Country – Here’s How You Can Prevent Getting Sick

New Harvard Research Finds A Chemical In Cannabis Can Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Can The Stuff In My Gut Cause Cancer? Here's What We Know About The Microbiome and Cancer Risk

Cancer in the News - Keep Up With the Progress

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