‘So Happy You Are Feeling Well’: Fans Shower Actor Jeff Bridges, 71, With Love as He Fights Lymphoma & Stays Active

Published Mar 17, 2021

Anne McCarthy

Bridges' Fans Show Him Love

  • Actor Jeff Bridges, 71, is currently battling lymphoma.
  • After a recent Instagram post about an upcoming project, fans showered him with love and support.
  • Keeping a positive attitude through cancer, as Bridges has done, has been shown to have positive impacts on cancer outcomes, in some instances.

While actor Jeff Bridges, 71, hasn’t shared health updates recently with his fans about his lymphoma battle, that isn’t stopping them from sending him lots of love and support online.

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Bridges recently shared that he was going to be part of the Clean Energy for America Inaugural Ball, and his fans were delighted. One writes: “So happy you are feeling well to be part of this event. Sending you lots of [love.].”

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Another Instagram user says: “Looking forward to seeing you and sending you lots of good, healing vibes your way!” And another writes: “Good stuff, MR. Bridges! Also, hope you’re feeling well.” SurvivorNet Facebook page users also showed Mr. Bridges support, recently writing: “God bless him today tomorrow and forever amen.” Another says, “Prayers for healing.”



Bridges’ Cancer Battle

Jeff Bridges shared the news with fans and followers that he had lymphoma in October 2020. Bridges has undergone chemotherapy to treat his disease, and has kept his fans clued in throughout his treatment process, sharing exciting updates, such as news that his tumor is shrinking. He’s also keeping an online journal, in which he posts news about his health and shares his drawings and sketches.

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Updates from Bridges have included the shrinking of his tumor, his time with his new puppy, his newly shaved head and his good spirits, writing in one post that he is “feeling good.”

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While Bridges hasn’t disclosed the type of lymphoma he has, the two most common types of this disease are Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The distinction between the two lies in the presence or absence of Reed-Sternberg cells. If doctors find these cells, the lymphoma is classified as Hodgkin lymphoma. Treatment for lymphoma is dependent upon the type of lymphoma it is. This disease is typically treated with chemotherapy, medication, radiation, and, sometimes, stem-cell transplant.

What Kind of Lymphoma Do You Have? Why Your Type Matters

Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Throughout his cancer journey, Bridges has stayed positive, sharing updates with fans, expanding his family to include a new puppy, and promoting the work of others online. Focusing on the good can have a huge impact during the cancer journey.

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Dr. Zuri Murrell, a colorectal surgeon at Cedars-Sinai, says in a previous interview how helpful a positive outlook like Bridges’ can be when battling cancer. He says, ” My patients who thrive, even with stage 4 cancer, from the time that they, about a month after they’re diagnosed, I kind of am pretty good at seeing who is going to be OK. Now doesn’t that mean I’m good at saying that the cancer won’t grow.”

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“But I’m pretty good at telling what kind of patient are going to still have this attitude and probably going to live the longest, even with bad, bad disease,” says Dr. Murrell. “And those are patients who, they have gratitude in life.”

Stay Positive, It Matters

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